As the founder and Principal of iSTAR, Dr Myo Thida, provides consultancy services to international development agencies, non-government organizations and corporate clients aimed at improving the quality of education provision and the more effective financing of education by the organizations and different donors. Our service includes but not exclusively:

  • need analysis in developing training programmes
  • market analysis and data reviews
  • provide consultancy services and in-depth knowledge of the regional and cultural background
  • curriculum development for Engineering: developing new textbooks and teacher guides
  • recruitment of teachers: lecturers, trainers and technicians
  • provide teacher training and continuing professional development

Dr Myo Thida has experience and high-level understanding of

  • the constraints and challenges associated with establishing an effective TVET system in a developing country, especially, Myanmar
  • the challenges and the critical parameters in setting up a vocational institute in Myanmar
  • the practical and effective strategies to make the international collaboration better and faster within the regulations of the civil service in Myanmar