Since we believe that education is the only way to fight the poverty and our mission is to help in the overall national progress and economic growth of Myanmar through the education, we take social responsibility with pride. We actively contribute back to the society by sharing our earnings with under-privileged people.

Yearly Support and donation to a High School

We support and help financially to needy students in their Grade 10 and Grade 11. Every year, we support 10 students selected by the school Committee (made up of teachers, parents and other interested locals).

Knowledge Sharing in Private & Public Institutes

16444127_1404229539608705_1964175288_oWe conduct workshops and seminars in Public and private institutes such as: technological universities, governmental technical institutes, technical high schools and basic education high schools to share not only the technical knowledge in different engineering fields, especially in the area of Electrical, Electronic, Communication, Network and Computer Engineering but also the development of soft skills: personality development, career & education, goal setting and leadership training.