iSTAR Institute was established in June 2014 by Myanmar very own talented personals who came from very humble backgrounds and made it into the top university in Singapore: Nangyang Technological University (NTU).

iSTAR provides education and consultancy services in Myanmar. Over two and half years, iSTAR has trained thousands of engineering students & graduates to attain both technical and general knowledge in different engineering fields, especially in the area of Electrical, Electronic, Communication, Network and Computer Engineering.

Our Consultant, Dr Myo Thida, also provides R&D expertise and external supervision of doctoral and research master’s students in collaboration with technological universities, government technical institutes and technical high shcools in Myanmar.

Mission of iSTAR

To serve the youths of Myanmar in their time of need and create educational opportunities. We are determined to nature the talented and qualified youths to help in the overall national progress and economic growth of Myanmar.

Our Founders

One of the founders,Dr Myo Thida, first went to Singapore as a scholar of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore in year 2001 and did her undergraduate studies in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at NTU for four years and obtained her Bachelor of Engineering Degree in 2005. She went on to study her Master Degree in NTU and PhD degree from Kingston University, UK. She has travelled to NewZeland, United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore for attending conferences, collaborations and educational talks over ten years. She has a strong international experience and collaboration with different universities from UK, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

The co-founder, Ms Su Myat Mon went through another path of education system in Singapore. She started her study life as a poly graduate student to achieve her Diploma in Computer and Network Technology. She went on to continue her further study and obtained her second-class honors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from NTU. She has strong International Industrial working experience in SingTel (one of the best Tele-com companies in Singapore) , Telenor and MPT Myanmar.

It is through thick and thin that the founders get to where they are today. It was not an easy decision for them to come home after living overseas for more than a decade, even more so to start a new Institute in Yangon which is not even their hometown. It is the sole purpose of providing quality education for the youths that drive them to set up iSTAR.